Tourist Trapz

I was in Santa Monica to meet some good friends from school and I was super early so I decided to take a walk around where I accidentally parked for $7 instead of the free parking across the street. Let me tell you straight up...Santa Monica is lame. I decided to walk back to my car and put my camera away and avoid an entire blog filled with sub-par photos.  Instead you get 4 mediocre pictures. 

Who doesn't enjoy a little mediocrity every once in a while?


Cold Balboa Daze

A late trip to Balboa to try out my new underwater camera. The beach ended up being extremely cold and overcast so I only took a couple underwater pictures...but I snapped a couple sick pictures from the shore.

AJ rocking some diamond cutters...the beach was cold.

Bummer Wave
Bummer Wave 2
Keeping it real.


Heshian Aggression

 Skateboarding at La Habra skatepark. That's the new thing. The lights are usually on all night. There is hardly ever anyone there. It rules. We decided to check it out the last two nights. It is definitely now part of our weekly routine. Sorry for the poor picture quality. There was somewhat sub-par lighting and I do not have the necessary camera equipment to necessitate a skatepark sans lots of lighting.

AJ remembered how to rip bowls hesh style....Duane Peters style.

Thrasher skater of the year.

AJ couldn't handle the rail night 1...check night 2 for the results on this rail
Ian couldn't hack in until night 2 either.

John getting into the swing of things...skating Toms all night.