Quality Time

Hangin' with Christie at the best place to eat in Yorba Linda


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break. High school friends. Evacuations due to mudslides. Great weather.


Four Score and Apple Store

Steven had to get his computer fixed so Jordan and I took a picture. Kayla didn't make the cut.


End of a Long Night

East Lake looks exactly like Pirates of The Caribbean at Disneyland.

Cali Carnage

Yorba Linda caught on fire...hard.


Doin' It Andy Style

Andy's house is about ten minutes away from my apartment and I probably spend just as much time at Andy's as I do at my apartment.



Fires and Cancellations

The show on Saturday was cancelled due to the fires in Yorba Linda. The fires did a lot of damage and destroyed a lot of land and houses. Keep everyone in your prayers. The show will be rescheduled along with a few more shows.


Roman Candles in my apartment

This Saturday! I want everyone and anyone to come to this show. Bring all your friends.


Taking It SLO

Great weekend in San Luis Obispo hanging courtesy of Jacky.

made a trip down to Montana De Oro

Isla Sorna look-a-like

best coffee shop ever...

the infamous Gum Wall