F Yeah Fest 5

Saturday some friends and I drove to Echo Park to go to F Yeah Fest 5! Such a perfect line-up. The security guard wouldn't let me bring my camera inside. Sick huh?
the echo
Sucks to be this guy.


Surf City USA

Made a trip to Huntington Beach to grab some lunch with a friend at Chronic Tacos.  You can't go wrong with Chronic Tacos.

I figured I might as well drive down the street to Electric Chair and pick up some dollar vinyl if I'm already in the neighborhood. What a successful day.


Outside Landz

Congratulate me on posting the longest blog ever. I was in San Francisco for the Outside Lands Music Festival for about 4 days without any way to upload pictures on my computer so this is a blog for the entire trip to SF and back.


Proof that John receives text messages.

Proof that John keeps the hotties humpin'.
stomp the yard

Where Nicolette took us to breakfast friday morning.

my breakfast
Ben is an actual wolf.
Ben the wolf on the right and Roxy the 3/4 wolf on the right.  Their owner "Higgy Pop" helped me take a few pictures of them.
Ben the Wolf

"Picture me rollin" - Tupac
The Castro District
caught him

I only brought my camera into the festival for the first night and didn't even end up taking pictures because hardly any of the pictures I took turned out...but here's Cold War Kids.

he got scared

Black lights at Pasqualie's...the italian restaurant we ate at EVERY single night we were in SF.

"Daredevil" and Simon waking up
and now a quick photoshoot of Simon on Nicolette's stairs.

Drawings from the night before.

Ian and I stopped in San Luis Obispo to see my friend Jacky.

I snuck a picture of Jacky.

Ian and I also decided to stop in Summerland to take some pictures of a random bridge type place filled with graffiti .

Caught a glimpse of some Disneyland fireworks right before we got on to the 91.