Going Everywhere/Going Nowhere

Last night was Going Everywhere/Going Nowhere....a photography gallery featuring some my photographs and some of my friend Hannah's photographs. We had a great turn out and everything went very smoothly. Thanks to everyone who helped us and to everyone who showed up to support us.

Riley is into that treat

most of the people that made it out that night...

the drink of choice for the night

there was ping-pong table there


Hangin' Loose

Carynn came over to help me with my art homework and Cassie came over to hang.
Brock had food in his mouth or something.
Finally finished...



My bike is currently broken and it sucks so much. I'm taking it to the bike shop on tuesday and I hopefully won't have to buy a new rear wheel. Cross your fingers.
...and this looks like a piece of toast.


Bikes and Portland

Ian moves back to Portland on Sunday... Good for him.  Heres some friends riding bikes.

Gerald goes to the Navy in 2 months...weird.


Permanent Vacation Mode

Belinda bleached my hair tonight. It rules.
My hair starting to look bleached.
It's still kinda orange on top but it's undoubtedly bleached.


In The Doldrums

Members of Cold War Kids, We Barbarians, and Richard Swift, have an art gallery currently open in Fullerton. My friends and I decided to check it out.

Riley's new tattoo by Tyler from Lewd Acts.
Matt Maust

Gordz being a grade-A creep.