Wild Bore

Not much going on these days. Just school. It's hard to do fun stuff when you're stranded in Riverside with zero money.

I noticed this old stencil my friend did that my school tired to "erase".

This weekend is gonna jam though. Notice the Misfits shirt in honor of Halloween tomorrow and then a killer show on Saturday in Hermosa Beach.

check the Blocked Out myspace for details if you are interested.



Everyone tune in to my good friend Calvin's radio show tonight for UCSD.  
It's on from midnight to 2 am every Saturday night...technically Sunday night. It's great. Tonight he has the band Lewd Acts in the studio.

stream it directly from the site or if you miss the show go to the "Old Shows" section and look for Calvin


The Daily Habit feat. Seinfeld

every season courtesy of my roommate


"I just live. I'm just living."

Ian Mackaye, from Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord Records, and many other other projects was at UC Irvine for a Q and A.

Jason got snakes and they are awesome

Ian Mackaye himself...


My Camera Died in Echo Park

Went to Boss Angeles last night to see The Muslims and AM play at this art gallery in Echo Park called Pehrspace. Cool new venue and pretty cool show.  The Thing is that my camera died while we were walking around Echo Park for an hour and a half before the show started and I only got like 10 pictures.

I wanted to buy this tree but it wasn't for sale.


Dry Bonez Vol. 1

This is the first CD of many that I have decided to release through my blog. You might like some of the songs and you might not, but download it regardless because it's free...if the link doesn't work the first time just click it again.

La Vida de Esperanza

My good friend Hope came to Riverside to visit some people and I had the pleasure of hanging out with her.

Cassie also hung out with us...


Bummer Wave

Not much to do on a Friday night...so this happened to my couch.
...and my roommate looks pretty gay in this picture



Tonight a new venue in Costa Mesa opened and Thought Process had the chance to play. Not a big turn out but they played a great set.

Tommy, who I haven't seen in forever, decided to come with us.

sid vicious

Rob from Blocked Out


No Time

I haven't had much time to do anything lately. Especially take pictures but here are a couple pictures I took in my apartment the other night while I was on a little homework break.

darts is the new apartment fad